Commercial sous vide, CTO5OP301W, Sous vide stick Pro, Professional sous vide immersion circulator, Immersion Thermal Circulator Sous-vide

1. High performance and super quiet brushless DC motor with super long life; 2. High power of 2000W  for fast cooking ,meet the long time continuous work; 3. Full stainless steel housing, with sturdy clamp attaches to any pot or stand in the pot directly; 4. Large screen with Pre-set recipes: Beefer / Vegetables / Meat / Fish / Defrost, easy for operation; 5. Sturdy clamp attaches to any pot or stand in the pot directly; 6. Three pump speed adjustment (12LPM /15LPM /18LMP; adjustable  for different cooking requirements ; 7.Wi-fi  control  function for option.

Products Details

Specification of commercial sous vide

Model Number


Rated Power

2000W (220V-240V); 1500W(100-120V)


Touch LED panel

Temperature stability


Temperature range

0℃ to 90℃

Time range

0 to 99 hours 59 minutes

Waterproof level


Water capacity

10L to 60L
w1 Immersion thermal circulator for sous-vide cooking at low temperature (= below boiling point). The CTO5OP301W Commercial Immersion Circulator is one of the most efficient and reliable instruments for sous vide cooking. The CTO5OP301W quickly achieves and effectively maintains water temperature for precise cooking every time. Uses a professional-grade pump to create water circulation, the machine provides consistent cooking temperatures resulting in uniform doneness, perfect texture and superior flavor. Sous vide cooking offers a way to save time in the kitchen, by cooking meals in food safe vacuum packaging bags. Cooking made easy, home chefs simply set the desired time and temperature of their circulator, submerge the food, and then walk away. The CTO5OP301W professional sous vide offers a space-saving, stainless steel design and easy-to-use controls. The CTO5OP301W will revolutionize your kitchen with one of the most progressive trends in modern cuisine! w2 SOUS-VIDE COOKING is a technique that involves cooking food in vacuum-sealed pouches in a water bath at a precisely controlled temperature. This gentle cooking process results in tender textures and enhanced intense flavors because the ingredients are all sealed in a pouch. w3

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