CTO5OP117W Integrated Aluminum Alloy Sous Vide

Product name: CHITCO SOUS VIDE. Voltage: 220V-240V (different according to different countries and customizable). Output power: 800W/1000W/1200W. Net weight: 1.1KG Temperature control range: 0-90℃. Time setting: 99 hours and 59 minutes. Water consumption: 6-15 liters. Cooking principle: low temperature, slow cooking and vacuum. Temperature accuracy: 0.1℃. LED liquid crystal display: LED display panel to keep abreast of cooking trends. Temperature increase key, temperature time decrease key, WIFI function indicator light, temperature time cycle display switch, and execution key setting key. Fixing clip: Flexible design, suitable for a variety of cooking utensils.

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Sous vide, or low-temperature cooking, is a process of cooking food at a very tightly controlled temperature, normally the temperature the food will be served at. The hardest part of the process is determining the time and temperature range to use for various foods. This app includes a list of times and temperatures you can use as a reference guide for your cooking. It even gives you a place to save your own notes as you try them out.

The temperature accuracy of the Sous Vide is ±0.1℃, and It's easy to control the degree of maturity. 3 mature, 5 mature, 7 mature, fully ripe. Star-rated food cooked at home, Having a low-temperature slow cooker can achieve the same food as a star-rated restaurant.

Do not want to cook? Heavy kitchen fumes? Too hot in summer? Slow cooker to help you. Small body made of metal. The fuselage is made of all-metal material, which is small and convenient, simple and easy to operate.Sous Vide makes your kitchen bid farewell to oil smoke, making it delicious and healthier.Self-developed APP can be connected with WiFi function, making food easily.Do you like delicious food? Can you cook? Do you find it difficult? These are not problems. Having a slow cooker can easily help you solve all the problems. Many kinds of recipes are provided free of charge. The slow cooker at low temperature makes you a chef in seconds!Put the ingredients and ingredients into a vacuum bag, draw out excess air, and put a proper amount of water into the special water basin or stainless steel pot of the slow cooker. Fix the slow cooker on the container and set the time and temperature. When the water temperature reaches the set temperature, put the vacuumized food into the container.Cooked food can be processed according to personal taste (a small amount of oil can be put in the pot, and the cooked food can be slightly fried on both sides for better taste).

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