CTO5OP107W Classical sous vide circulator

Mode: CTO5OP107W Power supply: 100 ~ 120V / 220 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz. Temperature: 0℃ ~ 90℃. Water circulation: Max. 8LPM Time: Maximum 99 hours and 59 minutes Heating power: 800W / 1000W / 1200W Optimum capacity: 6-15L Optional WIFI: Normal / WiFi Weight: 1.6KG Dimensions (H/W/D): 38.8x7.6x10.7cm

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Low-temperature slow cooking is a novel cooking method that uses low-temperature cooking equipment to slowly cook food at a certain constant temperature. After the food is packed in a bag and vacuumized, it is put Into a low-temperature slow cooker to set the time and temperature for cooking. The average family can also make delicious food at the restaurant level.Only need to set the temperature and time well, without special guards. When the time reaches the set time, the machine will automatically shut down and give an alarm. You only need to wait for the enjoyment.It preserves the moisture and nutrition of food to the utmost extent, prevents the meat from being too old and hard and harmful substances from being produced, and helps to increase the natural softening of ingredients and keep the original flavor of ingredients. The taste of the ingredients is solid and fishy, and there is no overheating, dryness and difficulty in chewing; The food materials can be preserved for a long time, are not easy to decay, have no oil smoke pollution, and can be cooked in vacuum, and the kitchen can be protected, clean and sanitary, thus avoiding the breeding of bacteria.
Egg 65℃ 45Min
Tender beef: filet mignon, rib eye steak and t-bone steak. 52℃ 1H
Poultry (white meat): chicken, turkey and duck 60℃ 1.5H
Poultry (black meat): chicken, turkey and duck 65℃ 2H
Fish: salmon, tuna, cod 50℃ 25Min
Pork: foreleg meat, pork belly 65℃ 36H
Beef chops and beef tendon meat 62℃ 72H
Steak cooked by low-temperature boiler is healthier and more original, which can achieve the most ideal degree of maturity and satisfy the tastes of various people.Low-temperature slow cooker cooks delicious, soft and nutritious breakfast.

Packaging ingredients: according to personal preference, put ingredients and seasonings into vacuum bags.

Setting cooking: Adjust the temperature and time well. When the temperature is constant, put the ingredients into the soup pot, and you can start cooking.

For example, poultry food can be fried with butter to make it more crispy.

The low-temperature cooker can cook a variety of food materials, such as mutton, steak, chicken, fish and vegetables.

Salmon cooked by low-temperature slow cooker is delicate in meat quality and smooth in taste, which is the most delicious fish you have ever eaten, and cannot be achieved by traditional cooking methods.

Overripe edges, uneven meat quality, old and hard taste, dry taste.

Tender and juicy, with delicious meat, uniform maturity and softness.

110V, 220V, different specifications correspond to different plugs, and the products are suitable for many countries.

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